Vinyl Windows

303-WINDOWS offers vinyl replacement windows from Anlin for homeowners in Denver and across the Colorado Front Range. We have 30 years of experience installing top-quality windows. Our team provides outstanding window installation using the best methods and products.

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Replacement Vinyl Windows Denver

Upgrading to vinyl replacement windows adds value and quality to your home. If you have old, worn, or damaged windows, vinyl windows offer an excellent replacement choice. Unlike some other windows, vinyl provides energy efficiency, function, and beauty at an affordable price.

Vinyl Windows

What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows have a frame made of vinyl, a PVC plastic material. Originally, they were developed as an alternative to wood-framed windows. Today, they are a top window material because they bring superior quality at a budget-friendly price.

The durability and versatility of vinyl mean they require little maintenance while providing top thermal performance and aesthetic appeal. Contact us to discuss the benefits of vinyl windows.

Types of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. We work with homeowners to select the best options for your home and budget.

  • Single slider
  • Single-hung window

  • Picture window
  • Geometric window
  • Double slider
  • Double-hung window

  • Casement window
  • Awning window
  • Bow or bay window
  • Garden window

Once you decide on the window style, you can focus on the details. We are always happy to answer your questions and discuss the pros and cons of each feature.

Got some questions? We’ll be happy to assist!

Vinyl Window Feature Selections

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Glass Package

  • Noise Reduction

  • Quality

  • Security

  • Warranty
  • Color Choice

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Over the years, vinyl windows have improved to make them an industry-leading choice. Here’s what makes vinyl windows so great:

  • Durability – Vinyl windows are designed and built to last for decades. The frames are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions while promoting easy function and energy efficiency.

  • Low Maintenance – Vinyl windows don’t require maintenance. Homeowners don’t have to worry about painting or staining. The windows only need routine cleaning to maintain a clear view.

  • Affordable – Vinyl windows cost less than many other options without sacrificing quality or function. Homeowners at many price points find vinyl a great option to add value to their homes.
  • Versatile with numerous designs, styles, and colors

  • Safety – Vinyl windows provide safety features that help protect against breakage and damage. For example, Anlin First Guard laminated security glass offers an almost impenetrable layer of protection.
  • Style – Vinyl windows add character and charm to your home. Windows come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors to match the style and design preferences.
  • Energy Efficient – Vinyl windows are highly energy efficient. They reduce heating and cooling costs by reducing heat transfer. The result is savings on utility costs and improved interior temperature control.
  • Customizable – Anlin windows allow homeowners to choose the right windows to match their needs. From selecting the latch color to the type of glass, you make choices that align with your needs and budget.

Vinyl Window FAQs

Vinyl is an excellent choice for Colorado homes. With 30 years of experience, we’ve seen vinyl windows perform well for several decades. They offer durability, and their energy-efficient features help families save on energy costs during extreme temperatures.

Vinyl windows from quality brands can last over 50 years with proper installation. The typical lifespan runs between 20 and 30 years.

Wooden windows are susceptible to rot and decay. They may warp and crack. Plus, wood requires regular maintenance. Vinyl windows are more resistant to these problems. Vinyl does not crack, chip, or peel. With vinyl, you never have to paint or stain the window frame.

Vinyl also looks as good as or better than wood when installed. If your home currently has wooden windows, vinyl offers an excellent replacement option.

Yes. However, we don’t recommend it. For the money you may save on installation costs, you may lose on damage to your home or the new window during the installation process. Also, the window warranty depends on an accurate installation. Otherwise, your warranty may become void.

Our expert team has the training, equipment, and knowledge to install windows safely and accurately. We are happy to share references and reviews from our many satisfied customers.

Yes! Vinyl windows are very energy-efficient. In fact, Anlin windows carry the ENERGY STAR label. This means you spend less money on utilities each month. Our vinyl windows come with standard energy-saving features and include options to upgrade to even more energy-efficient components.

Yes. While insurance doesn’t pay for window replacement from aging or normal wear and tear, most policies cover unintentional damage. For example, insurance companies typically cover window hail damage.

We are happy to work with your insurance company to provide documentation and cost estimates in these cases.

Upgrade Your Home to Vinyl Windows

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits vinyl windows have to offer? 303-WINDOWS specializes in vinyl window replacement and installation. We only provide vinyl replacement windows for their superior quality and outstanding results.

303 Windows is proud to be a top-rated company in Denver for vinyl window replacement services. Our team prioritizes customer service. We treat your home and family with care throughout the installation process.

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