Double Hung Windows

303-WINDOWS serves homeowners in Denver and across the Front Range with quality and trusted service. We offer vinyl replacement double-hung windows from Anlin.

Our team works with you to select the best vinyl window options for your home. You can choose from various other styles to complement your primary double-hung windows. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Vinyl Replacement Double Hung Windows

Upgrade your Colorado home with top-quality vinyl windows. Homeowners choose double-hung windows for their versatility and function. Our team can install double-hung windows to replace an existing window or for a new window.

Double-hung windows come in a variety of colors, frames, grids, hardware, and glass. Our expert installers will help you find the right vinyl windows to fit your style and budget.

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Double Hung Windows

What Is a Double Hung Window?

A double-hung window has two moveable sashes. Both the top and bottom sashes open by sliding up or down. Double-hung windows do not open outward like casement or awning windows. Therefore, they work well for most areas of the home.

  • Panes have a balanced and appealing appearance
  • The top and bottom sashes tilt in for easy cleaning
  • The top and bottom sashes can open simultaneously

  • Constructed with a constant force stainless steel balance system for smooth operation
  • 12 frame colors to match the exterior paint

Double Hung Window Replacement

303-WINDOWS offers a window replacement service to restore the beauty and function of your home’s windows. We can replace any type of existing window with double-hung windows if the opening is the correct size. Otherwise, we can widen the space to make room for the new window.

New double-hung vinyl windows add value, increase energy efficiency, and enhance curb appeal. Homeowners select top-quality vinyl replacement windows because they are affordable without sacrificing function or aesthetics.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Vinyl double-hung windows are versatile and functional. They offer many benefits when compared to other types of windows.

  • Energy Efficiency – Double-hung windows reduce heat loss due to energy-efficient glass options and solid construction. Homeowners save money on energy bills.
  • Style – Double-hung windows look great and perform well. They come in a variety of colors to complement your home’s style.
  • Functionality – Double-hung windows open from the top and bottom at the same time so you can control airflow. They also tilt inward for easy cleaning from inside your home.
  • Durability – Vinyl windows are made to last. The frames are constructed using high-quality materials that resist warping and cracking.
  • Cost Savings – Vinyl windows are less expensive than many other types of windows while maintaining quality and function. Plus, their energy-saving features reduce utility costs.

  • Low Maintenance – Vinyl windows require little maintenance. The frames do not split, chip, or fade, so you never need to paint them.

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Why Choose Double Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows are a popular choice for homeowners looking to improve their home’s overall functionality and style. Many homeowners upgrade to double-hung windows from single hung when installing replacement windows.

With added energy efficiency and longevity, vinyl windows make a smart choice regardless of your style. However, double-hung windows offer an upscale feel and function for your home.

Double Hung Versus Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have two sashes; however, only the bottom sash opens and tilts for cleaning. The top sash is stationary.

Double-hung windows offer more operational options and convenience than single-hung windows. Both windows provide energy efficiency, durability, quality construction, and affordability. Double-hung windows also cost more than single-hung windows.

Choosing between double-hung or single-hung windows comes down to preference and budget. We are happy to provide a quote for you to compare which window option works best for your home and wallet.

Double Hung Windows FAQs

The cost for replacement double-hung windows varies based on the size of the opening and the specific style options chosen. We offer a custom quote for each window replacement or installation project.

Our team works with you to determine the proper size and type for each window in your home. You have the option to mix and match styles to fit your specific needs.

Yes! Vinyl windows are durable, affordable, and energy-efficient. They also add value and beauty to your home. Today’s vinyl replacement windows offer quality and lasting results.

Double-hung windows work well for homeowners who want two moveable sashes for added function. Contact us to discuss whether vinyl double-hung windows are right for you.

Technically, you could install the window horizontally, but it is not advisable. Double-hung and single-hung windows are designed to work vertically. For a horizontal operation, choose a single slider or double slider option. Awning windows also work well for horizontal spaces.

We do not offer horizontal installation of double-hung windows because we want our customers to experience the best quality and function. Plus, the warranty requires proper installation to remain valid.

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