If you want beautiful windows, a genuine honest sales experience, and an expert, efficient installation, you want 303 Windows. I found them after a horrible, high pressure sales pitch from Andersen windows during which I felt that the salesman was inflating the cost of each window to effectively eliminate any cost benefit that the “coupon” we got in the mail would give. After signing and withdrawing from the Andersen contract, it was critical I find a sales person we could trust with such a huge investment, both in terms of bang for our buck but also for beauty and quality of the windows themselves. Through reviews, I found 303 Windows, and Jay Lillien. Jay was at our house within a few days, his humor and candor made me feel at ease right away, then when he sat at my table and wrote down the cost for each window and tallied it for me, no games, no demands to sign contracts or

Jennifer Ahnstedt

Wonderful experience from beginning to end. Jay’s team are friendly professional and most importantly honest gentlemen. We first met Jay, Rick and John at the home show and they had a straight forward refreshing approach. Jay came to the house spending time to get to know us and our requirements, he did not do a hard sell but gave honest recommendations gained from years of experience (he is the owner of the company). Having talked to 8 other window companies we went with 303 Windows and the Amerimax product because we trusted the team and the product they stood by. We had 18 windows and 2 patio doors installed, we live at altitude and have a harsh south facing exposure. Everything went very well with the installation taking 2.5 days, Rick and John know what they are doing no mess diligent and caring, a pleasure having them in our home. The snows came the evening of the final day and we noticed a huge positive difference compared to the old windows. One of the glass panes had to be replaced due to a scratch, Jay and Amerimax were very prompt and the pane was replaced with no issues. We are very pleased with the windows and the great price Jay offered. Would strongly recommend Jay and his very experienced team.

Bingo Roberts

I recommend Jay and 303 Windows for any of your window replacement needs. Great customer service, excellent workmanship, and competitive prices. He has replaced over two-thirds of our windows over the course of two years and we are very satisfied! We would not hesitate to use him a third time.

Carlos Galan

Jay and his crew did an amazing job! I had a patio door installed, and a large window with a half moon! After meeting with multiple window companies, I met with jay. I had used Amerimax windows in a previous home and loved them! The whole process was quick and painless. I have recommended and will continue to recommend 303 windows and also use them to replace the additional 10 windows in my new home!

Jennifer Schneider

Jay is simply a Rockstar! We looked at many window companies and started out having Jay and his crew replace the windows in one of our rental homes. It was done perfectly. We went through the process again with our home windows and narrowed the choice again to Jay. There were other people we interviewed who promised the price no one else will come close too- but Jays price was better out of the gate. We visited other homes that were done by other companies but Jays crew goes the extra mile. I will say we are very picky and Jays crew was simply amazing. I also want to say- we were told products did not exist to solve some of our big window issues, but in fact Jay knew the product line better than the other companies and with a call, he confirmed the products did exist. Thanks Jay- our house looks bigger and the windows are so much better than the original wood windows we had. My Wife and I commented how the quality of the glass was much better than what we had. Thanks again! 5 Stars every day!!

Jim Johnson

Call now!  Don’t hesitate!  Over the past seven years we replaced all of our windows.  We did this in thirds:  The first and second time we went through Discount Windows and Siding.  This is when they were discount windows.  Since then their prices tripled which prompted us to shop around, obtaining estimates from four more window companies.  Enter Jay from 303 Windows.  What a breath of fresh air!  From the first call Jay was prompt, professional, courteous, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, reasonable, observant and keen on details (he was the only window man in seven years who pointed out that the grids in our windows did not match the others).  He’s a straight shooter who won’t steer you in the wrong direction.  Any follow-up questions or concerns are immediately addressed and resolved.  Others may have had lower bids, but Jay’s integrity and confidence won the day.

From start to finish, the measuring, estimating, ordering and installation went without one hiccup.  I’d like to talk more about the people (very good communicators and listeners) before I describe the windows.  Rick came out to do the measuring.  He was fast and efficient.  Five guys showed up on installation day:  John, the front man who had the sweetest disposition, explained what they were going to do and how they would be setting things up.  Dan, the most energetic and spry person I’ve met to date, elected to be the one to install the window over my jetted tub because he was the lightest of the men and wanted to place the least amount of pressure standing on it.  Let me clarify that most of the work was done from the outside on all windows.  Upon meeting Vincent he quipped, “Nice to meet you”.  I can’t tell you the last time a young man has said that.  Two other men showed up as I was leaving for work do I did not get their names.  These five professional, hardworking and very competent men installed 9 windows in 4 hours.  As with any project, touch-ups were needed.  Both John and Dan asked me for my touch-up paint so they could leave my walls as they found them.  I was totally impressed with their caulk lines by the way.

The windows:  We hesitated 2 weeks putting our blinds back up because the windows are so darn pretty to look at.  Functional?  Hell yes and way better than the Discount Windows we currently have and those we’ve seen from other companies.  303 Windows have more sophisticated features such as an aluminum bar running the length of the window to remove the screen (instead of cheap plastic tabs that break), clean lines, curved locks that your fingers can easily manipulate and an overall design that makes them look elegant.  They are lightweight and durable, open and close without throwing your back out, secure, and help reduce noise.  In addition, all parts can be replaced such as latches, locks and security features vs replacing the entire window.

Since starting this journey seven years ago, we’ve had a great deal of estimates and salesmen at our house including Andersen, Champion, Home Depot, Lowes, Southwest, Affordable and Gravina’s along with other companies and contractors we have long since forgotten.  Oh the stories we could tell!  Save yourself the time and frustration.  Call 303 Windows now!  I wish we would have seven years ago!

Carol DiBiase-Ruffe

Let me start by stating that 303 Windows was the best decision I could have made for window replacement. We had a major hail storm in the summer of 2018 we are still trying to get repairs for. I had Jay come out to look at a bay window that had been damaged. Once in the house he noticed that the bay window was one that he had installed years ago! Insurance was not going to cover the replacement at the time and he offered to write up a proposal to send them to have it covered. The insurance accepted it and we went forward with the replacement of the bay and 3 other windows in my home. His install crew was right on time, super knowledgeable, and professional. I can not say enough good about the whole process. We had another quote from one of the big window businesses in the area and their quote was 3x that of 303 Windows. The quality and service of Jay and his staff far exceeded what I thought was possible. The next time we need a window replacement I’ll be calling 303 Windows!

Andrew Hamblin

My wife and I went through 303-WINDOWS after seeing the prices of many of the “Name Brand” companies. We were quoted 25k-30k for 21 windows by these companies. When Jay came out, he explained everything to us and was non invasive. He quoted us at 12k for 21 windows! I was a little concerned about the quality at first, but after talking to a couple other people, those concerns were abated. The windows were installed in 1 day. The crew that installed them was respectful and fast. I couldn’t have been happier with the service I received and the windows are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! The warranty is unbelievable! A mouse chewed through my screen on my basement window, after a 5 minute phone call, Jay had a free replacement on order for me. I would recommend anyone looking at this review to stop wasting their time looking and simply go with 303-WINDOWS.

Robert Cook

From measurements to installed windows, it was 3 weeks, at a price that surprised me since it was significantly less than I was expecting. Jay has a great crew for installation and the windows are working great! Keeping the outside weather from affecting the inside temperature, and for the first time in 15 years we can finally open/close all our windows. Could not be happier with the decision to go with 303Windows.

Scott Kuiphoff

I have never been more impressed by a company. The whole transaction was so smooth. The owner, Jay, was informative, helpful and kind. And the install was perfection and done much faster than expected. We had our windows done with them a while ago and we still talk about how much we love our windows and this company. I can’t recommend them more.

Holly Vernon

Jay and his team just finished my windows installation for the entire house this past Tuesday. They did an outstanding job from start to finish.

When I called Jay to get an estimate, he was one of three bids I sought. All three were right around the same price, and all had great reviews, so it was a tough decision. I went with 303 Windows because of Jay’s thorough walk-through of my place and his offer to fix a couple of additional things at no extra charge (which the other two bids did not include).

Now that everything is complete, I feel I made the right choice. The windows look fantastic and the workers were methodical, friendly and courteous. The worksites were cleaned up nightly as well. I’m very impressed and would highly recommend these guys.

Pete Arnold

This is your company! Look nowhere else!
Our energy bill is below our “average neighbors” for the first time since we bought our home in 2004 thanks to 303Windows!

In our current home improvement climate where a home owner can get poor materials, sub par craftsmanship, horrible timeliness at outlandish prices, Jay’s company is a huge breath of fresh air!!!
On a house we own and lease out with original windows from 1969, Jay personally came out to perform a window evaluation. His expertise and extensive knowledge was evident in the recommendations he made and many advanced options Amerimax windows has. The great price blew me away based on the number/ type of windows we needed, quality of window we wanted and competitors prices. The installation process is awesome! Rick and his team communicated with us every step of the way, were very respectful of us and the home, went the extra mile to do the job right and had the entire job done and cleaned up in a little over a day. We were so impressed with the overall experience, product and result, we hired Jay again to replace with windows on our home 2 months later…And no surprise, they did an equally impressive job and were done in 1 day. Thank you 303Windows!!!

Eric Deines

As reflected in these other reviews, 5 stars is not even enough to give this company. I, too, did my research beforehand and got quotes from many other companies, including Lowes and Home Depot. When Jay came over to give me a quote, not only did he have me and my parents (who were visiting from out of town) in stitches – he was so funny – but the price he gave me wasn’t even comparable to the other companies I talked to – it was WAY lower. He educated us on why my current windows were outdated and what his had to offer. I was immediately sold and within a month, my new windows were custom-made and installed.

The installation process was equally as wonderful and entertaining. Rick and K.C. came in and were also so professional, fun, hilarious, and quick. I have a condo, so the job only took a day with 8 windows. Loved those guys and couldn’t praise them more. They were awesome. They did not make a mess at all – my place was super clean afterwards and they even reinstalled all of my blinds.

My installation was in November of 2019 and I have noticed such a difference with heating/cooling my house. They also have the UV blocker and extra safety locks. Quality product!

A couple weeks ago when we had some decently heavy rainfall, I noticed the large window in the front of my house was leaking, so I called Jay the next day and he was at my house within an hour investigating. He found that I had a wood panel above the window frame on the outside of the house that had a hole in it and needed caulked. This had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my window installation – it was just wear and tear on my house, but Rick came over a couple hours later with some caulk, climbed up on his ladder, and filled it along with another hole over the front door. He did not need to do that, but that is how great these guys are… they were willing to help even though my leak had nothing to do with the window itself.

If you choose any other company for window installation over 303 Windows, I think my and the other reviews will tell you that you are making a mistake. Love these guys! They are truly the best in the business!

Amanda Weigers

Purchasing and installation of the new windows in our home couldn’t have been an easier, no pressure process.

The owner, Jay, responded to my email within 10 minutes of sending. He scheduled an appt, arrived on time, went over the features, explained that these windows are built right here in Colorado to withstand the wide temperature fluctuations that we experience daily. He also provided literature to do additional research on window products as I had done prior research on replacement windows and new that this was imperative to buy windows made locally to prevent cracking windows and broken window seals. Jay was polite, extremely professional and never did I feel any pressure from him. I’d had window companies come prior to Jay and not only was there a lot of pressure and calls from them after meeting with them, prodding me to buy from them, but their prices were 40-50% higher!

The installation team was outstanding! They installed 19 windows in 2 days and were polite & professional in their interactions with me. They cleaned up all debris leaving the house in such a condition that if I hadn’t known they were here, I wouldn’t have known they’d been here!!

We love our new windows and the recommendations Jay made to change the styles of some of the windows for improved functionality turned out to be fantastic. I could not be happier with my decision and its final outcome.
Thank you, Jay & team.


I strongly recommend 303 Windows! Jay and his team exceeded our expectations and then some. Jay walked us through the various types of window options, communicated the timeline, and Rick and Rob enlarged and installed the 2 front windows and the very large living room window in two days. Before they left, I asked them to measure the next 3 windows because I knew we found the company who would be replacing all our windows. Every time I walk into our kitchen/living room, I just smile at the amount of natural light and how beautiful the windows look. We have gotten so many compliments from friends and neighbors. Thank you Jay, Rick, and Rob again! We love our new windows and can’t wait for the next rounds!

Catherine Moran

We received a few bids for window replacement, and not only was Jay the most knowledgeable and professional, he also provided the lowest bid. He educated us on the best choices for our home and set expectations for the installation process that he was able to deliver. His crew was professional, friendly and efficient. They were also very conscientious – taking the time to properly clean up debris and mess after completion of the job. We were pleasantly surprised with the team, the product and the process.

Kimberly Martin

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

If you’re looking to have windows replaced, go no further! Everything regarding my experience with 303 Windows was absolutely phenomenal and I highly recommend!! Jay is an absolute pleasure to work with and has a great team!!

From the very start, Jay was quick to respond and answer any questions. He explained the different window options and quickly provided an amazing quote that was below all others.

The installers, Will and Alex, are fantastic! They are highly skilled professionals and it shows in everything they do! The highway was shut down the morning of the install and Will provided updates throughout the delay. Despite being 4-5 hours late, they were able to complete the install that day! I got home from work and was surprised to see new windows! Despite the time crunch, everything was in order and cleaned up. I honestly wouldn’t have known anyone was there if it wasn’t for the windows.

Jay, Will and Alex deserve way more then 5 stars!!! I highly recommend 303 Windows, you will not be disappointed!


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I would highly recommend 303 Windows because of service, price and Jay’s vision. When I asked for a quote, it was for 4 bedroom windows, very straight forward. Jay saw the large picture window and sliding glass door in my living room and he made a suggestion. Needless to say, I took his advice and the large picture window looks better than I imagined it could.

I’m very happy with the windows, the installation (installer was great) and Jay’s vision!

Nancy Dilatush

We have used (303 Windows) to systematically replace all the windows in our home over the past 10+ years. This past September we scheduled our final installations for the bedrooms. My call was pleasantly greeted by Jay (the owner) who immediately referenced my account. Since it had been 3-4 years from our last installation, Jay personally came out to measure and evaluate a previous window that had failed. Due to the lifetime warranty, It was added it to the order to be replaced at no cost. The estimated time for installation for the bedroom windows was thought to be sometime around Christmas due to the current supply chain shortages. We were surprised when the windows came in earlier and the installation completed BEFORE Christmas! (Earlier than quoted!)
Adrian and the entire installation crew were beyond exceptional! They were courteous and professional, efficient and friendly. They worked quickly and cleaned up thoroughly when finished! The windows themselves are far superior than the competition as they do much better in the Colorado fluctuating temperatures from winter cold to the summer heat. If ever I have a window issue in the future or need for a new window, I will ALWAYS call (303)WINDOWS ….and ask for Jay!

Laura Sabados

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

We got bids from other window replacement companies. Not only did 303Windows have the best price but owner Jay’s sales approach was low pressure and honest. I prefer working with a small business with a responsive owner. We had all our windows replaced in 2 days by a professional hard-working team. I highly recommend them.

Teri S