Bay Windows (& Bow Windows)

Bay windows from 303-WINDOWS add elegance to your Denver area home. We carry a variety of vinyl window types, sizes, and styles from Anlin, including bay or bow window options.

If you need a top-quality bow or bay window, contact us today. Our expert team installs vinyl windows with the highest standards for quality and longevity.

Vinyl Replacement Bay Windows

Today’s vinyl windows offer superior function, energy savings, and aesthetic appeal. Plus, vinyl replacement windows are easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice for homeowners in Denver who want to upgrade their homes.

Enjoy the beauty and expanded space of a bay window with the durability of vinyl. Homeowners choose vinyl bay windows for the added natural light and style versatility.

What Is A Bay or Bow Window?

Bay and bow windows are large windows that extend out from the side of a house. Homeowners often choose a bay window to add design interest on the exterior and additional room on the interior.

  • Bay windows have three panels and create an angular projection on the home’s exterior.
  • Bow windows have four or more panels to create a more rounded appearance.

On the interior, both windows add space for a cozy reading nook, dining table, or window seat. They come in various types and combinations, including picture, double-hung, or casement windows.

Vinyl bow or bay windows work for the first floor, second floor, or higher. The bay window provides additional sunlight into the room and adds square footage by expanding the wall.

  • Makes the room feels larger
  • Broadens the view of the outside
  • Allows in more natural light
Bay Windows

Types of Vinyl Bay or Bow Windows

When selecting a bay or bow window, homeowners can choose between several different vinyl window types. Typically, a bay window has a center picture window with a double-hung or casement window on either side. Bow window construction usually includes three picture windows with additional casement windows on either side. However, we offer custom window design to create the combination that matches your aesthetic goals.

  • Single-Hung – Single-hung windows open by moving up and down like traditional windows.
  • Double-Hung – Double-hung windows also open by moving up and down with two sashes that can move simultaneously.

  • Casement – Casement windows open by swinging outward.

  • Picture – Picture windows comprise multiple panes of glass set in a frame and do not open.

Our expert team works with you to determine the correct size and type of windows to fit your space. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Bay Window Replacement

Homeowners schedule window replacement when windows become damaged, old, or out of date. Vinyl replacement windows are an excellent choice to restore the quality and function of your windows.

We offer residential bay and bow window replacement. We use only the best quality vinyl windows installed by our expert team.

Bay Window Installation

Whether you are building a new custom home or renovating an existing home, a bay or bow window will add value to your design. We install vinyl windows. We can also install a new vinyl bow or bay window to replace a standard window.
Our team works with you to choose the right window to match your space, style, and budget.

Bow Windows

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Benefits of Vinyl Bay Windows

  • Durable – Today’s vinyl windows are built to last with durable and robust materials and design.
  • Easy to Maintain – Vinyl windows do not require painting or staining. The frame color lasts for the life of the window.
  • Energy Efficient – Vinyl windows offer outstanding insulation and come in various glass options to enhance energy efficiency and lower utility costs.
  • Stylish – Vinyl windows come in many different designs and colors, allowing homeowners to customize their new bay or bow window to fit their needs.

  • Affordable – Vinyl windows are more affordable than many other window choices without compromising function.

Bay Window FAQs

The cost for bay or bow windows vary based on the specific type of window panels you select for your home. Details like low-E glass or laminated security glass impact cost and add function.

The installation cost may also vary based on the scope of the project. For example, replacing an existing window has a different price than expanding a standard window with a bay window.

We offer custom cost estimates for each project to help you decide the best choice for your home.

A bay window and a bow window are great additions to any home. They provide a unique look and feel while expanding the interior space.

However, there are some differences between the two. A bay window typically contains three frames with a more angular appearance. A bow window typically has four or more frames and appears more circular.

We are happy to discuss which option would work best for your space.

No! Bay windows have been around for decades and remain one of the most popular types of custom windows. Architects and designers continue to incorporate bay and bow windows into new homes and remodel projects.

Any window can look outdated if it becomes old or worn. If your home needs a refresh, new vinyl windows offer a great option to upgrade the interior and exterior of a home.

Yes! If you no longer like the look or feel of your bay or bow window, you can remove the existing window and remodel the space to include standard windows. Our team has the experience and skill to replace bay or bow windows to give you the desired style.

Upgrade Your Style with Vinyl Bay or Bow Windows

303-WINDOWS serves Denver and Front Range communities with outstanding window replacement and installation service. We offer a wide range of vinyl styles, including bow and bay windows.

Our window professionals treat you and your property with care and respect. We are always happy to answer your questions. Contact us today to schedule your bay or bow window project.

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