Amerimax completely redesigned their entire product offering of energy efficient vinyl windows and patio doors in 2006. Amerimax has a rich and proud history built on customer satisfaction and industry innovation.

The following changes have been made:

  1. More Visible Light
    One of the biggest complaints homeowners have with top quality vinyl replacement windows is the loss of viewing area. This is especially true with smaller windows, twinsets, and basement windows. Amerimax has increased the amount of visible light by creating a frame with less vinyl. This gives the window a more slender look and feel, while maintaining its structural integrity.
  2. More Chambers In Frame
    By adding more chambers inside the vinyl extrusion, Amerimax maintains its unsurpassed energy efficiency, while increasing the strength and rigidity of the frame.
  3. Common Frame Windows
    In the past, openings with two or three windows were delivered separately, leaving it up to the installers to attach the windows together, and insulate and trim the windows inside and out. No more. Amerimax has created common frame windows, where openings with two or three windows are mulled together at the factory, and shipped as one unit. Thus increasing the energy efficiency and beauty of the windows. No other window in Colorado offers such a superior configuration.
  4. Special Shape Windows That Open
    Now you can get special shape windows, such as round tops, trapazoids, triangles, pentagons, and quarter arches, with a bottom sash that is openable. Most manufacturers require that the windows be either stationary picture windows, or, two windows installed in the same opening, with about seven inches of frame separating the glass.
  5. LoE366 Neat Glass
    Amerimax now offers an ultimate performance glass, that just might make all other low-E glasses obsolete. This unprecedented triple layer of silver, blocks out 95% of the suns damaging UV rays, while maintaining attractive visibility. So it keeps the heat out while letting light in. Neat glass is an innovative coating that lets nature clean your windows. A Silicon Dioxide layer creates an ultra smooth surface and Hydrophilic action to disperse water evenly or “sheet off”. Watch video to learn more.
  6. High Definition Screens
    New UltraView HD Screens from Amerimax are like adding High Definition to your windows. Made from a revolutionary new ultra fine fiber that is much less visible to the eye UltraView HD Screens virtually disappear when looking out through your windows.

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