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Vinyl Windows Have Come A Long Way

How can “plastic”- perceived early on as the same “cheap” stuff used to make kids toys—be acceptable for construction?

Perhaps this initial concern was understandable, given the limited use of rudimentary plastics half a century ago. But, things have changed, thanks to advances in materials engineering. Once the technology is better understood, the material-oriented competitive claims begin to blur.

While some of the old misconceptions may still ring true to some people, today’s vinyl, highly engineered specifically for construction applications, is as different from early “toy” plastic as stainless steel is from cast iron.

AAMA 303 – Voluntary Specifications for Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Exterior profiles.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is the source of performance standards and product certification for the window industry.

AAMA 303 establishes minimum requirements for dimensional stability, impact resistance, weatherability, heat resistance, weight tolerance, heat build-up and lead content of PVC profiles used in windows, doors and skylights.

If a vinyl window meets these requirements, as well as the requirements of the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council), which tests the windows U value, solar heat gain coefficient and visible light transmission, it is then certified with a GOLD LABEL.

However, both AAMA and the NFRC agree that environmental conditions and geographic location can affect the performance of a window. They do not test a windows performance when it is installed at a different altitude from where it is manufactured.

This is why Amerimax is the only window we stand behind. Amerimax has a proven history of excellence, and has been manufacturing windows in Loveland, Colorado since 1986.

Amerimax is the only window manufacturer in Colorado that specifically states in the warranty that “Color retention is warranted for the life of the product”.

Pella, Marvin, Anderson, and just about every window you’ll find, excludes the exterior color from fading, in their warranty.

Amerimax’s use of pharmaceutical grade ingredients in the vinyl extrusion, and the overall performance of the window is tested and certified to meet the GOLD LABEL standards set by AAMA.